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Our Team

Lajos Csiki-Bege - aka Luis

Founder and Director

Norbert Csiki-Bege

Sales Manager - DECKO NZ

Tomi Csiki-Bege

Sales Manager - DECKO AU

Kyle Rodgers

Support Team

Our Customer Reviews


Committed to Eco-Friendly, energy-efficient, sustainable building solutions we discovered the outstanding advantages of DECKO Tiles. Since 2012 in USA, we delivered maintenance-free, rust-and-rot-free aluminium-framed decks made with composite wood boards and non-rotting fencing systems as a manufacturing and building company. We learned a lot in an overregulated difficult building market.

Disadvantages of the high costs, red tapes related to building projects of traditional decks are well balanced at a third of the costs by this outstanding DIY Premium Decking Tiles. Proud of delivering only satisfaction through the years and our customers are excited about the features and transformations achieved. No need for professionals or fasteners – just Do It Yourself. Quick and easy install.

Not a single customer complaint or warranty issue about this product in 10 years. A quality product at a competitive price. Customers often use our tiles to resurface old and young decks to avoid maintenance, or on concrete, pavers, and even freshly tiled hard surfaces. They are safer for children and have a pleasant, clean, warm feel when you spend time on them barefoot.

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